2020 CCSE MathWorks Prize Winners

The MIT Center for Computational Science and Engineering is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 MathWorks Prize for Outstanding Research.

The prize for Outstanding Doctoral Research, Computational Science & Engineering Program is awarded to Chinmay Kulkarni. Chinmay is a graduate student in MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering working with Professor Pierre Lermusiaux. His research is highly multidisciplinary in nature, combining elements from atmospheric sciences, applied mathematics and computational engineering. His current work involves the development of computational systems to learn and predict the transport of oceanic pollutants (such as mircoplastics), debris and nutrients on a global scale.

The prize for Outstanding Masters Research, Computation for Design and Optimization Program is awarded to Tony Tohme. Tony is a graduate student in the Center for Computational Science and Engineering’s CDO program working with Professor Kamal Youcef-Toumi of MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. Tony’s research is in the field of Bayesian probability and inference and has contributed to the development of the Bayesian Validation Metric (BVM) which is a general model validation and testing tool with the capacity to allow users to invent and select models according to novel validation requirements.

Congratulations, Chinmay and Tony, and thank you MathWorks for the support!


2020 CCSE MathWorks Prize Winners